What is a WordPress Multisite Network?

Last updated Nov. 22, 2022

Last updated Sep. 27, 2023

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Multisite WordPress networks let you manage multiple WordPress sites from a single WordPress installation.

By using the same username and password, you can create and manage new sites instantly. On your domain, other users can create their own blogs.

WordPress Multisite Network Pros:

Multisite networks can be more beneficial than managing multiple standalone WordPress sites in many situations. A WordPress multisite network has the following advantages:

  1. Multiple sites can be managed from a single dashboard.
  2. Each site on the network can have its own admin. The site administrators will have the capability to manage only their own website.
  3. Plugins and themes can be installed on multiple websites with the same download.
  4. From a single dashboard, you can update plugins, themes, and core WordPress files.

WordPress Multisite Network Cons:

It is not always helpful to create a WordPress multisite network in order to manage multiple websites. Before establishing a multisite network, you should keep in mind some disadvantages.

  1. Throughout the network, all sites share the same resources. When your network is down, all other websites will also be unavailable.
  2. Your entire network will be compromised if one of your websites is hacked.
  3. In a multisite network, some WordPress plugins may not work properly.
  4. WordPress multisite networks are not supported by all web hosting providers, which limits the options available to you.

Who needs a WordPress multisite network?

It is not necessary to use a multisite network just because you manage multiple WordPress websites.

You can manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard using third-party tools such as InfiniteWP or iThemes Sync.

A multisite network may be appropriate in the following scenarios:

  1. An online magazine with different sections managed by different teams.
  2. There are sub-sites for different locations and branches on a business website.
  3. WordPress multisites can be used by government and non-profit websites for different departments, locations, and regions.
  4. You can create your own network of blogs that are hosted on multiple subdomains.
  5. Colleges and schools allow students to create their own blogs on school servers.
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